Other modellling

The Colchester Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (CSMEE) is open to a wide range of model engineering interests including model traction engines, boats, tool making, clocks and other railway rolling stock eg carriages and wagons.

Friday evenings are for members to meet for social interaction and general advice for resolution of problems associated with all forms of model engineering.

Model Boats

Whilst the club does not have a facility to sail boats a number of members also belong to one of the many local model boat clubs


The building and repair of clocks is a fascinating and very skilled task which is enjoyed by some members

Traction engines

Miniature traction engines have the advantage of not needing a track, just a bit of grass will do.

Railway stock

Rolling stock adds realism to a miniature railway

Carriage movie

Other models

Members also make a range of other models including tools