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What the CSMEE has to offer you

The Colchester Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (CSMEE) is an established society offering a wide range of activities for those with an interest in model engineering whatever your age or level of experience.

General scope of interests

Whilst the majority of members primary interest is in live steam locomotives, the Club is open to a much wider range of model engineering interests including model traction engines, boats, tool making, clocks and other railway rolling stock eg carriages and wagons.


The club mainly meets on Wednesdays, Friday evenings and Sunday mornings for running trains, site maintenance or just socialising. Groups of members also meet on other days. Members can use the club at any time.

Potential new members, by arrangement, can visit our site and be shown the facilities we have to offer. During the school holidays the club runs a session for members children to a have a go at running a small battery operated locomotive.

The club also organises parties Parties – CSMEE at an affordable rate with all inclusive train rides, kitchen and large clubhouse

Model railway steam tracks

The Club has 3 outdoor railway tracks for running all types of trains.

Ground level track Raised level track Gauge 0/1 track
The ground level track is a dual gauge track for 7 1/4″ and 5″ gauge live steam, battery operated and petrol driven passenger hauling trains. The raised level track is a dual gauge track for 5″ and 3 1/2″ gauge for live steam and battery operated passenger hauling trains. There is also a raised dual track for Gauge 1 and 0 live steam, electric and clockwork model trains

The club room

The Club has a spacious club room with kitchen facilities allowing members to meet socially and exchange ideas. The club has an extensive library of books as well as complete volumes of Model Engineer magazines for reference purposes.

During the winter months there is a programme of talks by both external speakers and members covering a wide range of subjects. An evening event running locomotives in the dark followed by a firework display is held in November. In March an evening event is held whereby members can exhibit their modelling creations produced during the year.

Getting started

Building your own model can be a daunting task. Some suppliers eg Poly provide a complete set of parts for you to assemble also many suppliers provide sets of castings and lots of finished parts . see Links – CSMEE

The club has a range of facilities to aid those with limited workshop facilities including drills, lathes, a milling machine, brazing equipment, rolling tool, sharpening tools and testing

Experienced members are only too willing to offer advise and assistance with construction and equipment operation.

Read How to get started in model engineering including some useful hints and tips


The club has 3 locomotives for use by members without their own engine. The club runs driver training courses during the summer months.

Specialist training course are also run as needed eg silver soldering, brazing, Health and safety and Signal box operation for the ground level tracks.

Club visits

From time to time the during the summer the club hosts visits from other local Model Engineering clubs. The club also organises trips to other clubs and national exhibitions.

Chelmsford MES Ipswich MES The club exhibits locally

Aerial view of the club

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Watch a video of a lap of the raised track