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For further details of the Society’s future events call Geoff on 01206 822735.

Potential new  members are welcome to visit the Society

Please see the Events Diary  page




Recently, three projects have been completed:

 Refurbishment of the kitchen

 Installation of  a canopy over the station area  

 Installation of  a roof over part of the steaming bays

      This enables steam tests etc. to be done under cover .

The roof over the station area is making rapid progress on the elevated track,  which will be followed by a.   This will enable steam tests etc. to be done under cover in future


                                                    No 3 Redesign steaming bay area to overcome the problem

                                                                of congestion (This is a discussion document at the present moment)

If you have any ideas, comments, or wish to help then please do come to the club and make your views known.


To lock the main door correctly, make sure the door is fully closed, the handle is then lifted up as far as it will go, the door can then be locked. As a final check depress the handle and if resistance is felt immediately all is OK. If the handle can be fully depressed the door has not been secured, repeat the procedure until the door is locked.

The last thing we need is unwanted visitors and all the problems that can follow. If you are the last person on site you are responsible for securing the site this includes checking all external doors to the Club house, Garage door, Signal box doors, Gardening shed, Raised/Ground level carriage sheds - these only need to be checked if they have been opened. If you are not sure then please take the time to double check - don’t assume they have been locked,

Thank you for taking the time to read this important notice

Ian Pryke

June 2015


Station Canopy       

click on the picture  for a larger view


There are 6 booked for 2018 -

24 March, 28 April, 12 May, 23 June, 14 July and 18 August

and there are five booked for 2019

 8th June, 29th June, 20th July, 17th August & 7th September

 Help is needed. Please add your name to the Parties Rota.


Donations for the Auction on 16th February are now closed.

We  have been asked by a member to sell on his behalf a large quantity of assorted materials.

These will be put on display from Friday 23rd February for sale on 2nd March.

Members will be free to select what material they wish to purchase and a price will then be agreed between, I Pryke and D Green.  This price will be on the scrap value of the material in question, this will then be multiplied by a factor  of 10.

For this reason there will NOT be a second Auction this year

The start for both events remains the same ie 19.30 hrs.