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On Friday 19th January members of the Society were presented with an illustrated talk on the Colne Valley Railway by Mr Mark House.

He started the evening with a history of the railway from the 19th century, illustrated with slides, and showed the development of the line to Halstead in the early years.    The early locomotives were shown, along with the buildings along the line.   This was followed with pictures of  the more up to date locomotives used in the LNER times and also in the British Railways days.   The early Diesel locomotives and rail cars were also covered.

The evening ended with details of the work being done now that the line has been purchased for preservation.   The new buildings for engine sheds and station plans were shown to the members.   The expected preserved locomotives were also covered.   A visit to the railway will be considered for the Colchester members to visit the line in the coming year.

 Altogether a very interesting evening enjoyed by all the members

  Geoff  King      


The Society gave their support to the Colchester Royal Grammar School on Saturday 17 March when a STEM event was held.  STEM was the name given to   a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical event held for the local children of Colchester, open to all children free.

 On display were models made by members of the society.   These were a Class 9F Evening Star, a London Transport Hunslet 0-6-0 locomotive, and a Diesel outline 0-6-0 locomotive,  all in five inch gauge.    These were supported  by a LMS coal truck and several other small models, including a Stirling cycle hot air engine which was kept running all day.   Also there for people to turn over was a sectioned steam engine to show how the slide valves and pistons  worked.   This was very popular with all who attended the show when they were invited to turn the handle and watch the valves and pistons move.    Any thing that moves is of great interest to all children.

 On the classroom wall a sectioned drawing of an injector was shown, together with another one showing how it is installed on the locomotive.  Many of the older  people (parents)  asked for an explanation of how the injector worked

Geoff King  

Click here for pictures


On Friday  13 April the Society held their models night, when members brought along their current work for other members to discuss.   The meeting was well attended, there being about 30 members present.

 On display were models listed below,---


         two partly built Torquay Manor

         a J69  and a Class 2 tank locomotives

         the boiler for a Black Five  [Doris] in  3 1/2” gauge ready to  fit into the locomotive’s frames


         rolling stock of three trucks of various types,

         two GWR Toad guards vans

 and two part built traction engines.

 There was also a small range of workshop equipment which was as follows: a set of bending rolls,   a rotary table,  a Keats angle jig and  a quartering jig used to set locomotive wheel coupling rods at  90 degrees.

All the above were built by the members of the Society, a very enjoyable evening.  

    Geoff  King  



Colchester Society of Model Engineers members visited the Bure Valley Railway on Saturday 15th September for a driving experience on the 15 inch gauge locomotives. The Society had hired a train for the day and each of the twelve members had a three mile drive.

After a brief talk by our driver on the dreaded health and safety on the railway,  members took turns on the footplate to drive the train, supervised by one of the BVR drivers [John].

After the party had completed the first return journey over the line, the party was given a first class roast lunch in the station restaurant. After a tour of the workshops and station shop the remaining members had a second trip down the line driving the train down to Wroxham and back.

The party had run thirty six miles driving the train by the end of the day. Several of the members said that the Society must repeat the day next year, as they had enjoyed the day so much. For some of the party this was the third year running that they had taken part in the trip.

Geoff King                                                                                                                                                        Click here for pictures